What visitors have to say about Old Walled City Tours

Very entertaining and educational

Al was very informative and personable. Truly enjoyed doing two tours in one day with him. Second tour was the slave history tour, also highly recommended.
My sister - from San Antonio, TX - selected this tour as her daughter is studying architecture in college. Al did a fabulous job showing us many different locations and explaining the "why" and type of buildings. Although the price is a little more than some - it includes three locations - two houses plus the Powder Magazine - in the tour. He is very knowledgeable and entertaining. I highly recommend this tour. Our group of 5 spanned ages 19-58.
I would recommend this tour

Historically informative. Even my wife enjoyed the tour and would repeat in the future. My stepson was on the tour. He is a collector of military memorabilia. He was very impressed with the tour.
Beautiful City Up close

Charleston is such a gorgeous city and it was nice to see it up close and have its history revealed in such a knowledgeable way.. This tour is very good, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who likes to walk and enjoys seeing history up close and personal.
Great Tour From a Knowledgeable Charleston Native

Al did a great job of guiding us through Old Charleston while imparting knowledge about the history and culture of Charleston through the years. We enthusiastically recommend!
I think this is one of the best walking tours I have ever experienced. I teach interior design and I learned much more on the Architectural tour than I expected. Al is not only knowledgeable it is a joy to spend two hours with him. His passion is contagious. I now know the definition of a hyphen building!
I have spent parts of the last 3 years in Charleston. I try to take 3 or 4 tours each time I am here. My wife and I wanted a Sunday Walking Tour of Charleston and we thought we had heard everything but wanted an up close view of the building and homes. Al provided more than that. We learned more and saw more than on any other tour. Al's knowledge of the buildings in the OLD Walled City of Charleston is great. We really enjoyed the walk and the education.
Danny and I want to thank you again for a TERRIFIC tour! Wow! I still can't get over how much I learned in 2 hours. Your Old Walled City Walk was not only informative but also very entertaining. The next time we're in Charleston we plan to bring the kids with us and sign up for your Slavery and Freedom Walk.
Thank you for bringing Charleston's rich history alive for us.
Al is an excellent Charleston, SC guide.

Al knows his Charleston history and makes for a very interesting and worthwhile tour of the city
Good introduction to Historic Charleston

Al Ray keeps the tour group moving on foot, so do not take this tour unless you are up for a nice brisk 2 hour walk which we enjoyed. This is by far the best way to see the buildings and gardens as well as the interiors of at least one of the churches (Unitarian Church is especially beautiful, open on Saturday when my wife and I toured). It ended at the harbor front looking out toward distant Fort Sumter. Our group had eight friendly people, quite manageable. Ray is entertaining and has lots of historical information to share, dates, political issues, etc. This is definitely a great introductory tour. The only disappointment was having Al repeat a lot of the history when the same group took his "Architecture and Garden Tour" the next day and the same eight of us were joined by a new couple who had not been on the previous tour..but this was tolerable since we got to go into some gardens not seen the day before and the interiors of two residences, making it well-worth the 2.5 hrs.
informative and interesting.

My husband and I took this tour upon a recommendation of our concierge at the hotel. we were very pleased with the tour...it covered many parts of Charleston and included history, architecture and interesting facts. And it was for the perfect amount of time. We would go again.
Very Enjoyable.

The guides were very friendly and helpful to our needs. The tour was very enjoyable and we learned a lot of history of the area. Would highly recommend to people taking a historical tour.
Great Tour From a Knowledgeable Charleston Native

Al did a great job of guiding us through Old Charleston while imparting knowledge about the history and culture of Charleston through the years. We enthusiastically recommend!
My wife and I come down to Charleston every other year and stay at the beach because her family is there. Our daughter wanted to know more about the city and found a brochure for Old Walled City Tours. My wife was unimpressed. As a native, (transplanted many years) she was unimpressed. After all, she knew it all anyway. Still, we dragged her along and met our host, Al Ray for his 10 o'clock general history walk. BTW, Al IS Old Walled City Tours and personally gives all the tours .After he greeted us and the others on the tour, 6 total, he asked us if we had any particular interests that he could segue in. Taking requests, we took in two lightning fast hours of fascinating history and culture layered such that, at the end, I felt like I knew the city, and like I knew Al as well. Charleston is Al's home town, and his love of the place and enthusiasm for sharing it with visitors is evident. His sense of humor combine with an intrinsic knowledge of the city's culture and history resulting in the most enjoyable walking tour of the many I have taken through the years. Yes, even the wife had a great time. A Plus!!!!