Charleston Haunted Ghost Walking Tour

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Our Haunted Charleston Ghost Tours will
Thrill and Chill !

Our “Spectral Adventure” Charleston Ghost Tours are unlike any ghost walk offered in Charleston. Hear tales of ghosts and graveyards, the legends of an ancient city that have only been whispered from generation to generation. This is no history tour in the dark. No "reporting" on hauntings. Instead, as you walk the darkened streets, you will hear tales of decapitation, hanging, live burial and tragic demise. Some stories are derived from John Bennett’s ghastly old Charleston Ghost classic “Doctor to the Dead.” This tour is offered by appointment only to groups of three or more, and it is your chance to create a memorable private adventure for your family or group!

Booking the Ghost Walking Tour

The Ghost Walking Tour is offered by special request and then opened to the general public. This tour typically commences from an agreed start point and covers topics and themes that are the choosing of the original special request group.

Book a special request tour on your desired date or check the calendar to join a previously-scheduled tour!

There is a $60 minimum to book the tour. Once scheduled, the tour is opened to the general public. In the event that three or more participants book the tour, whether in the original request group or once the tour is opened to the public, the rate drops to $20 per person. If applicable, a refund will be issued to the original request group.

If booking a special request tour with less than 24 hours notice, please call