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Experience the allure of Charleston, SC, with Old Walled City Tours, offering the best walking tours in Charleston. Immerse yourself in the charm of this historic city as our expert guides lead you down cobblestone streets past hidden gems. Our Charleston walking tours unveil this unique destination’s rich history and captivating stories.

Discover why we’re renowned for providing top tours in Charleston. Our local guides bring the past to life, sharing their deep knowledge of the city’s culture and heritage. We prioritize small groups to ensure a personalized experience, allowing you to engage and ask questions.

Tour Historic Charleston’s French Quartet and South of Broad neighborhoods, wending our way through the Old Walled City. Your licensed Charleston Tour guide will relate to you a history both glorious and notorious! Topics include a unique early ethnic and religious diversity, the rise of Rice and Cotton, Pirates, Wars, Slavery, Gardens and Architecture and local traditions and culture.

Charleston Old Walled City Walking Tour


Charleston Ghost Tour

Our “Spectral Adventure” Charleston Ghost Tours are offered nightly at 8 PM or 10 PM or choose it as a Private Event for your family or group of up to 20 at an excellent price point. Unlike any other ghost walk offered in Charleston, hear the legends of an ancient city only whispered from generation to generation!

Charleston History Tours – Charleston Old Walled City Tours

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View some pretty snapshots of beautiful Charleston captured by our guests.

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Old Walled City Walking Tours

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Enter OWC25 to get $3.50/person for Old Walled City Walking Tour and CGT25 for Charleston Ghost Tour

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