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Welcome to Old Walled City Tours, your gateway to an immersive and enlightening Charleston Slavery Tours experience. Uncover the rich history of Charleston, delving into the profound legacy of slavery that shaped this city. Our expert guides will lead you through the cobblestone streets, revealing poignant stories and hidden corners where the echoes of the past still resonate.

Embark on a journey beyond the surface, exploring the untold narratives of resilience and resistance. Charleston Slavery Tours by Old Walled City Tours offers a nuanced perspective, shedding light on the lives of enslaved individuals who contributed to the city’s cultural tapestry.

Immerse yourself in the haunting beauty of historical landmarks and gain a deeper understanding of Charleston’s complex history. Old Walled City Tours is committed to delivering an insightful and respectful experience, fostering dialogue and reflection. 

Some 155,000 captive Africans were processed at the port of Charleston of the approximately 500,000 enslaved captives brought into the present-day United States. This tour explores capture in Africa, the Middle Passage, processing and sale at the docks in Charleston, and the domestic trade up to 1865. We discuss the rise of Rice and Cotton as cash crops and their function in the expansion of slavery. Learn the roles of enslaved skilled workers, domestics and field hands in the context of antebellum culture, their lifestyles, survival strategies, and handicrafts. Important personalities discussed include Robert Smalls, Denmark Vesey, Dave Drake, and modern-day master ironworker Philip Simmons, among others.


Approximately 1 mile over two hours

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