Charleston Walking Tours: Beat the Heat – A Guide to Charleston in the Summertime for Yankees and Scandinavians

Charleston Walking Tours have been my passion and my forte for many years. I am a member of that
hardy breed that goes out all year long, so I know a few things about summer weather. Summertime weather in Charleston gets
hot. It also gets humid. The combination can lead to dizziness and heat
exhaustion. Every summer I am amazed to see Scandinavian visitors and the Dutch
walking in full sunlight when the heat index is hitting 110. They LOVE it.
Coming from a cold land, they relish the warmth. They spend their summers with
the windows open.
But for most
Americans in the southeast and west, air conditioning is a way of life. Yes,
the South has finally won the War with a new weapon, air conditioning. So we
are least prepared to spend time outside in the heat of the day. So as you tour
our fair city, or attend that family reunion in July or that Gay Pride
Celebration in August, here are a few tips to keep you on your feet.
Rule Number
Drink plenty of water. Don’t be afraid to pour it
over your head.
Rule Number 2:
Dress For Success.
Wear light colors in fabrics such as cotton, linen or
seersucker. Wearing a T-shirt beneath will absorb sweat and form a cooling
insulation.It also eliminates sweaty shirts and pit stains.
Rule Number 3:
 Use Cooling Strategies. 
Freeze water
and take it out in the morning and wrap it in a heavy handkerchief or a
high  quality paper napkin. The cool
condensation creates a refreshing brow wipe. It will also cool you down to wipe
the cool napkin across the back of the neck.
Never rush
in the heat. Plan accordingly.
Stay on the
shady side of the street. Walk in  the
direction of the breeze when it gets you there.
Rule number
4: Proper Planning Prevents Puny Performance.
Charleston is the perfect city to
see on foot. When the sun is baking the sidewalk, take a tour that has you
finished up by 12:30. Charleston Old Walled City Tours offers 10 AM Walk 7 days
a week.(
Visit our website at allows time for lunch before the real heat sets in between 2 and
5 o’clock. Mid afternoon is a great time to visit the cool and quiet of the
Charleston Museum. It’s also a great time to get on the water and tour the
harbor, Fort Sumter or even an eco tour! If we are lucky this year, and a
tropical pattern sets in , the intense heat and humidity of the midafternoon
gives way to a thunderstorm that drops the temperature and cleanses the air.
Afternoons like these are perfect for walks before dinner. After dinner, walk
south towards the Battery and see the grand mansions lit up along the way.
  Check out the night vendors at the City
Rule number
5: Protect your skin.
Wear sunscreen. Wear a hat, not a baseball cap. They
leave the nape of your neck exposed.

Old Walled City Tours offers public and private tours on foot or by car.
information on things to see and do in Charleston go to

Charleston Old Walled City Tours offers themed tours od Historic Charleston including the Old Walled City Tour, the Home and Garden Tour, the Slavery and Freedom Tour, and the Charleston Ghost Walk. Go to www.walledcitytours.come to learn more!



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