Explore and Discover Charles Towne Landing

Mrs. Waring’s Gardens at  Charles Towne Landing

So many great things to see and do in Charleston! Whenever I have families on my tour I always recommend Charles Towne Landing. The Museum is highly interactive and kids love it (me too!). The Adventure, a reproduction 18th-century trading ketch,  is in port and the Animal Forest is always a favorite. I understand there is even a “behind-the-scenes tour” of the Animal Forest being offered.
Charles Towne Landing is a state park on the site of the original settlement in 1670. The early settlers knew that the Spaniards in St Augustine wouldn’t be pleased with the interloping English. After all, they had claimed the area for nearly 200 years! For that reason, the infant colony was founded up the creek —called Old Town Creek today—on a high bluff that commands a view of the Ashley River and Charleston Harbor in the distance. Even with the hostile Spanish in the neighborhood, immigrants kept coming, and by 1680 they had enough critical mass to feel confident about a relocation to the current site on the eastern peninsula atop a high bluff. This relocation to deep water resulted in Charleston becoming a major port by 1700.

For you Camellia fans Fernandina Waring planted literally hundreds of acres of fine old gardens with huge Camellia bushes. She planted many of the old early varieties and a lot of early spring varieties, so there is a good show from November into April. The Waring House is nestled in the gardens and sits at the end of a fine Avenue of live oaks with flanking camellia gardens. For further information, go to www.charlestowne.org
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The trading schooner
Adventure at Charles Towne Landing
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