Springtime in Charleston Means Home and Garden Tours!

Springtime is a bit early , but right on time for the many opportunities coming up right now to visit fine homes and private gardens on tour with several organizations and churches this coming weekend!
The Garden Club of Charleston is holding their Annual House and Garden Tours this coming Friday and Saturday March 23 and 24th, from 2:00 to 5:00 each day. Each tour will provide the opportunity of visiting at least ten private historic homes and gardens in downtown Charleston. One great feature to this tour is that the ladies knock themselves out creating beautiful flower arrangements for each home.   Tickets can be purchased, if still available, at the Visitor’s Center on Mary Street. Call 843 724 9349 for details and to confirm available tickets. This event sells out! For mor information , go to www.thegardenclubofcharleston.org
Also coming up on March 23 and 24 are famous long-time tours an hour to the north in Georgetown, where the Episcopal Church Women of Prince George Winyah Parish are offering their 65th Annual Plantation Tours.The list shows 10 plantations and townhouses each day! These tours are from 9:30 to 5:00 each day, and be sure to allot the whole day for the event.Histories and maps with the route are provided for this driving tour. Additionally, the Men of PGW will be hosting an old fashioned oyster roast Saturday at 6:00. Available tickets can be purchased at the Parish Hall either day using your personal check.. Call Mrs. Lisa Collins at 843 545 8291 or email toper4y@aol.com . For more information and to view the schedules, go to
And of course, the Historic Charleston Foundation kicks off their annual Festival of Houses and Gardens tomorrow, March 22 all the way through April  21, but more about that in the next posting!

Now remember, here at Charleston Old Walled City Walking Tours  we offer our very own Home and Garden Tour at 1:00 Wednesday through Sunday, so come seeus. After our tour, you will have a deeper appreciation for what you are looking at on these other tours—enhance your springtime  experience!  Al Ray

Charleston Old Walled City Tours offers themed tours od Historic Charleston including the Old Walled City Tour, the Home and Garden Tour, the Slavery and Freedom Tour, and the Charleston Ghost Walk. Go to www.walledcitytours.come to learn more!
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