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The knowledgeable walk in the corridors of Charleston City

South Carolina is full of exciting explorations, from brisk walks in Myrtle Beach to catching tempting views at Hilton Head Island. But what is more surveying than ordinary wanderings? Exploring the magnificent architecture by acquiring bookings for Charleston architecture tours at Walled City Tours. These walks in the beautiful architectural premises of Charleston will make you brief about the social, political, economic, and environmental sides of Charleston City.

Charleston architecture tours

Inclusions to the Charleston architecture tour

The average time taken in the conduct of architectural tours is around two and a half hours, as the uniqueness and legacy of Charleston are reflected through such informative tours. The added inclusions to the Charleston architecture tours are tours of museum houses and gardens. The other advantages of taking the architecture tour package are as follows:

Paid admission to the Alston House was established in the 19th century. Also, direct entries to the gardens and outbuildings of Heyward Washington House were developed in 1772.

Tour’s specifications

There is much more to explore under Charleston Architecture Tours as the following certitudes are some of the primary offerings that are conducted in this tour:

  • Discussing the architectures of different ages like Federal, Regency, Georgian, and Greek Revival times.
  • Interacting the functions of Charleston City like siege mentality, earthquake bolts, piazzas, Charleston single house, northside manners, and much more.

Why choose this tour?

With Walled City Tours, visitors can opt for any walking tour as all of them will be worth visiting. But the Charleston architecture tours will make you reminisce about the cultural traits related to Charleston City. Also, the tour benefits aspiring students and people who are more into informative and intellectual fields. 

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